1erMd[1]New Moon Tattoo was established in 1982 by legendary tattooist Dan Allaston who was a pioneer in contemporary tattooing in Canada as well as producing the first international tattoo conventions to showcase international artists in 1993 and 94. As tattoo art went through a renaissance in the nineties both artistically and technologically Dan witnessed the explosion in popularity and the infusion of young people interested in tattooing coming from diverse backgrounds such as fine arts training and graffiti artists.

Traveling extensively through the nineties and into the 21st century Dan worked with professional tattooists all over the world while building a team of tattooing and piercing professionals that carry on the traditions of tattooing and continue to explore new techniques in order to offer all styles of work to our clients.

We also offer laser tattoo removal, which can be used in conjunction with repairĀ or cover up of amateur or poorly done tattoo work. Our artists will be happy to discuss renewing or redoing your tattoo.

Feel free to call us or drop into either studio any time so we can guide you through the process whether you are a first timer or want to add to your collection.

East End – 613-837-6273

West End – 613-596-1790